Selected Projects


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The true story of the first U.S. expedition to the North Pole where nineteen men, women, and children — including a group of indigenous “guides” — were cast away on an ice floe for months. Based on the novel by Steven Heighton.

Producers: Garnet Girl and Olkelda Inc.
Screenwriter/Director Pall Grimsson.
Cast: Guy Pierce attached.

“The Colony”

A sci-fi thriller.
Forced underground by the next ice age, a struggling outpost of survivors must fight to preserve humanity against a threat even more savage than nature.

Producers: Alcina Pictures.
Screenwriter/Director: Jeff Renfroe.
Cast: Laurence Fishburne, Bill Paxton, Kevin Zegers.
Funded by Telefilm Canada. Sitges Film Festival European Fantasy Film Grand Prize.

“When Falcons Fly”

The true story of the Icelandic hockey team who won the first Olympic Gold Medal in Hockey for Canada in 1920.

Producers: Buffalo Gal Pictures and Pegasus Pictures.
Screenwriter/Director: Marteinn Thorsson.
Funded by Telefilm Canada.


“Extreme Happiness”

A high-energy, original dramedy.
When her husband suddenly dies, a coddled happiness guru tries to hide from an embezzlement investigation by joining a drag tour lead by the adult son she didn’t know he had.

Semi-Finalist, Diverse Voices 2018.
Semi-Finalist, 2018 Creative World Awards.
Top 15%, 2018 Nicholl Fellowship.

“Under The Bridge”

A youth fantasy adventure.
The new kid in town and his precocious neighbour set out to expose an underhanded industrial development tycoon in order to save their unusual friend and his entire village…of trolls.

Funded by Telefilm Canada’s Feature Film Fund, Writers First Award. 2008.



A Tinder-fueled contemporary take on the Cronenberg classic horror.

Producers: Bunk 11 Pictures and Tajj Media.
Director/Screenwriter: Jeff Renfroe.
Cast: Adrian Grenier and Jamie King attached.


An adaptation of the dystopian sci-fi novel by Canadian author Elizabeth McLung.

Producers: Mad Samurai Productions.
Funded by Telefilm Canada.

“Rum & Ritalin”

Booze, pills, and a hit-and-run threaten a teenage girl’s promising future.

Producers: DreamChaser Productions
Funded by Telefilm Canada.


A medieval fantasy/action/adventure.

Network: SyFy.
Producers: Witchville Productions.
Director: Pearry Reginald Teo.
Cast: Luke Goss, Ed Speleers, Andrew Pleavin, MyAnna Buring.

Script analysis/coverage provided to studios (DreamWorks, Lifetime), independents and agencies.

Story services provided to directors & screenwriters including Ericson Core, Lisa Mann, Robin Miller, Ramaa Mosley, Rob Pritts, Don Rase, Jeff Renfroe, Tom Routson, Kai Sehr, Kevin Smith, Chace Strickland, Takumi & Randy. Inquire about literary collaborations.